Co-research : subjectivities & conditions of culture as labour. Part 3. Public workshop

Co-research : subjectivities & conditions of culture as labour

Part 3. Public workshop, Saturday 9th March, 2-6pm

at Transmission Gallery

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This project (in three parts) is organised by The Strickland Distribution as part of its knowledge is never neutral programme with Transmission Gallery.
The project revolves around cultural and knowledge workers concerned with understanding more about our working conditions and practices. The project consists of three complementary parts: a reading/ discussion group; a co-research inquiry; a workshop on the inquiry’s findings.
We started from the basis that cultural production – such as visual art, performance, sound – is itself a form of knowledge production.
If knowledge is never neutral, any form of knowledge production and distribution deserves our critical exploration; so as to understand its relation to how economic and social values are assigned, and to understand our own conditions of doing, not least in relation to one another.
As a collective self-inquiry into culture as labour, the co-research project began with a series of discussions based on a short succession of readings. These readings introduced and the discussions explored the themes of research and learning in settings outside of academia or formal arts education. As a group of ten co-researchers we proceeded to conduct a three-month self-inquiry into our own positions and practices as cultural workers. Coming to the end of this exploration, we want to continue some of our inquiries within the context of a larger public workshop.

  • What are our experiences of culture as labour?
  • How, where and when is what we do work or not-work?
  • How are these marked by precarity and insecurity?
  • In what forms do and can we self-organise, co-research and be active subjects in these processes?
  • What effects do these experiences have on experiencing ourselves and others as embodied subjects?

We are inviting you to come along and take part in a facilitated workshop, jointly exploring these questions and others in a variety of ways.

We are also interested in hearing from you, anonymously, about actual experiences within cultural production of:
– precarity and insecurity and/or
– definitions of work or not-work.

To submit your accounts follow this link here
Place: Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, Glasgow G1 5QP
Space may be limited, please RSVP:

The flier for the workshop: Co_research Part 3_A5

Images of the material used and added to during the workshop can be found by viewing this post

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