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This post assembles the material we drew on for our recent ‘explorations of competitive cultural nationalism’ half-day workshop with/atTransmission Gallery, Glasgow, 30/3/13.

The articles originate from one academic [writing in collaboration with artists] and three curators working in Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway/Sweden and beyond:

Rael Artel – (2010) Let’s Talk About Nationalism! Between Ideology and Identity – The curator’s foreword to the exhibition ((download pdf: Rael_Artel_2010_LetsTalk)

Tinna Grétarsdóttir, with artists Ásmundur Ásmundsson and Hannes Lárusson – (2012) Creativity and Crisis: Cultural Politics and Neoliberalization of Art [paper given at: The Icelandic Meltdown – A Workshop on the Causes, Implications, and Consequences of the Collapse of the Icelandic Economy]

Power Ekroth – (2007) PISSING ON THE NORDIC MIRACLE – published in the ‘Lights On Norwegian Contemporary Art’ MoMA catalogue (download pdf: Power_Ekroth_2007_NordicMiracle)

Marita Muukkonen – (2012) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Art Institutions and Creative Industries (download pdf: Marita_Muukkonen_2012_RockAndAHardPlace)

These articles were companions to the workshop presentations which consisted of extracts from the following documented talks:

Rael Artel
‘No Money. No Honey’ – Playing Chameleon/Seminar About The Survival Strategies For Art Initiatives
The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) – Riga, Latvia, 2009

Cross Border Experience – The Role Of The Civil Society (Organisations) In Europe – Supplement Or Substitute?
KITCH – Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011

Marita Muukkonen
OVERVIEWS – Alternative North – Symposium
Listasafn, Reykjavíkur – Reykjavík, Iceland, 2010

Curators’ Network – Meeting
Hablar en Arte – Madrid, Spain, 2011

Power Ekroth
Pissing On The Nordic Miracle – The Nordic Art Scene In The Global Society Today
TOK [Creative Association of Curators] – St. Petersburg, Russia, 2011



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