‘… never neutral’ Saturday 1 June 2013, 6pm

KINN-general-image_w‘…never neutral’

Saturday 1st June 2013, 6pm @ Transmission Gallery

A review and reflection upon ‘knowledge is never neutral’ by The Strickland Distribution – the series of projects organised with Transmission that took place over the last year within and outside Transmission gallery space.
The projects included a public walk, co-research inquiry, facilitated workshops, film screenings, reading and discussion groups, publication launches. Taken together, these projects set out to explore the circumstances that surround cultural and knowledge production. In doing so, Strickland Distribution sought to situate this production within a wider set of social and historical relations, and to self-examine our practices across these relations.
This is a chance to review the projects, informally, individually and collectively, with Strickland Distribution. We welcome project participants, and all those with an interest in the projects to discuss and reconsider these projects, how the various elements developed, how they inter-related, and what they might potentially offer forthcoming projects.


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